Guided Fishing Trips

Whether you're a first-time angler or a seasoned fishing enthusiast, welcome to my fishing tours on two of Sweden's iconic lakes – Bolmen and Vättern. 

Baltic Sea fishing 2024 still has spots available. Dates are from 10th of may to the 20th of May. Please take contact to discuss Baltic salmon season 2024.

  • Guided Fishing: With guided fishing, you will learn about techniques and go to the best spots.
  • Diverse Catches: From perch, zander and pike to salmon, char, and trout. Take a look at the gallery to get an impression.
  • Choose Your Time: Morning, evening or a time of your choosing.
  • Comfortable Boat: My boat is suitable for year round fishing in diverse weather conditions. The boat is well maintained, it has a small rest-room, kitchen, fridge and other amenities for comfort and safety during our trip. Find more information on homepage.
  • Onboard Refreshments: Onboard are soda's, coffee and tea.

Vättern & Bolmen

 *Reserve your spot for Salmon, Trout, Char and Pike fishing in Vättern this upcoming winter season.*

Lake Vättern: 

Fishing on Lake Vättern is more than just a sport; it's an experience. As Europe's 4th largest lake, filled with a variety of large fish, set against a backdrop of pristine nature and crystal clear waters, makes fishing here a special and rewarding experience.

The lake is home to several species of salmon, including the Gullspång & Klarälven lax. But the Gullspång salmon stands out, holding the title of the world's largest inland Salmon species. Beyond salmon, the lake has trout, Vättern pike that can weigh in at 20+ kilos, pike-perch (zander), perch, and the arctic char.

Our trip typically begins at Hästholmen's harbour, a renowned hub for anglers from across Sweden, Scandinavia, and even further afield. The lake's southern rocky shores are famed as one of Vättern's prime salmon fishing spots, drawing enthusiasts throughout the year.

For those driving in, my boat is conveniently situated near the Hästholmen Västergård Ställplats, a paid parking area.

Boat @ tiraholms öar

Lake Bolmen: 

Discover fishing in Lake Bolmen, a Swedish water teeming with diverse species of fish, from perch to pike and zander. This lake is well known for a large zander population. Also pike fishing here is popular and fishes over a meter are caught regularly.

My approach utilises a blend of tried-and-true techniques: spin-fishing, trolling, and vertical-angling.

Our trip starts normally early in the morning, as we journey 5 nautical miles to a fishing spot abundant with pike and pike-perch. If the waters prove challenging, we're always ready to move to a different location, with spots like Storsjön on our radar. Custom starting times are possible also, please take contact to discuss this.

Anchored at Bolmens harbour, the boat is located close to the Camping Bolmen. Whether you're in a camper or seeking a comfortable stay, the campsite has options.

Main Fishing Technique

On Bolmen, our approach is methodical: we deploy up to 4 rods at varying depths, making use of downriggers and side-planers to optimize our chances. Depending on the season or customer request, we can offer vertical fishing and spin-fishing aswell.

When we fish on Vättern, the game intensifies. Here, we employ as many as 10 rods, each set at different depths, and baited with fresh, specialized baits. This isn't just any trolling; it's the Scandinavian Trolling technique. Besides generally good results, trolling offers another advantage: it allows us to cover large area's.

More Than Just One-Day Adventures

It's not just about single day fishing trips. With me, you can dive into fishing holidays that include multi-day fishing expeditions, accommodations, and all the essentials for a relaxing and successful fishing getaway.

For tailor-made requests or if you need more details about fishing trips or fishing holidays, simply fill out our contact form.

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